Our School

Our Mission

Empowering innovative and passionate learners in a nurturing environment. 

Our Vision

To build a community that embraces courage, character, and commitment while pursuing individual passions. 

Our Cheer

All children learn at T.E. BAXTER school. We pledge to do our best, that's our number one rule. We will listen, we will learn, we respect everyone. When we do that, learning is fun. All children learn at T.E. BAXTER school. Learning is cool! 

Our Song

Where is the best school in Midlothian?
Where are the best kids in the land?
Where are the greatest teachers anywhere?
The kind that lend a helping hand.
And if you do no know the answer, we're going to shout it clear and cool!
We're going to stand up tall and tell you all its T.E. Baxter School! Yeah!
B-A-X (clap, clap, clap) T-E-R (clap, clap, clap) T.E. Baxter School! Yeah!